Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Summer Thankfulness

11.  Fireworks... the true way to celebrate!
12.  Watermelon... is a very photogenic fruit and it's very yummy.
13.  Parades... community pride at it's best.  Cold bottles of water were given out at our parade!
14.  American Flags... red, white, and blue.  U.S.A. = best country ever!
15.  Corn on the Cob... my favorite summer veggie.
16.  Glow Sticks... still love 'em!
17.  Sparklers... Tonight's the first night our kids will have tried sparklers.
18.  Pedicures... bright red baby!  Someday I'll have to try glitter toes!
19.  Family Togetherness is the best.
20.  Otter Pops... we're on our 3rd box of 'em already!
21.  Big bright flowers... because bright flowers are the best.

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