Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Laura's Bridal Shower

My youngest sister, Laura is getting married in less than 2 weeks!  
Last weekend was her bridal shower.  
Laura's super good friend, Jessica was so nice and let us have the shower with me in her Provo condo.  
Laura & Jessica

My sister, Amy made 2 fabulous cakes, and I brought the rest of the food and the decorations.  
We played 3 games: What if?, Bridal Shower BINGO, and a how well do you know your fiancé game.
For the last game I mentioned, Laura had to chew a huge gum ball for every question she got wrong.

Laura received some great gifts.  
 It was fun to meet Laura's friends and some of her future in-laws.  
I can't wait for Laura and Brant's wedding!

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Ali said...

I can't wait to see pictures from it!! I know you'll take lots;) Laura is such a beautiful bride.

By the way, I feel AWFUL about not stopping by for a visit when we were up visiting my sister earlier this month. We were meaning to call you all week and see if you wanted to do dinner or something one night, but Ty was being awful and sick, and I was afraid of giving it to you, and he was going to bed super early each night...after we left, my sister got super sick, so maybe it's best we didn't meet up...anyway, I wanted you to know- we thought about you all week and I'm sad it didn't work out this time!!