Saturday, June 02, 2012

Sunday Entertainment

Growing up, my family would stay in their church clothes all day on Sundays. 
 We weren't allowed to play outside. We had to stay inside doing quiet Sunday activities. 
Back then, some of my favorite Sunday activities were writing letters, reading, 
and watching our classic home videos my dad recorded.
The Hallstrom home movies are the best!  I really think we have some winners that could win 
the grand prize on America's Funnies Home Videos.
 For our Family Birthday, we purchased the Who's Your Hero?: Book of Mormon Floor Puzzle.   
Not only do my kids love this 5 foot long puzzle, the 9 year olds in my Primary class thoroughly enjoy it too.  The "Where's Waldo" style drawings totally make this puzzle fun to look at!  And there are only 24 extra large pieces, so it's super easy to piece together this puzzle.
And I really like the fact that there's a timeline on the bottom of the puzzle, so the kids can learn where in The Book of Mormon certain stories take place.
What fun things does your family do on Sundays to entertain the kids?
Please share your ideas in the comments.  I love gathering fun ideas.

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