Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Heber C. Kimball Family Reunion Day

Sam is a descendant of Heber C. Kimball.  
We attended the Heber C. Kimball Family Reunion held at 
This Is The Place Monument Park in Salt Lake City.  
There were probably 200 people in attendance.  
We enjoyed a picnic lunch complete with strawberry shortcake under this pavilion.
During the family meeting part, Katie was rambunctious,  so I took her on a walk.  

Tyler lucked out and won this sweet huge Star Wars kite in the raffle.
The adults enjoyed chatting.
Here's Sam's Aunt Deanne.  
She is a great host and it's always fun to go visit her and the rest of her family.
The kids enjoyed playing in this mini sized town.
Riding a pony was fun too.
More views of the village.
It was a super hot day, and my kids didn't last as long as we'd hoped. 
There were many fun things we could have done, but once we mentioned ice cream to the kids, there was NOTHING else that they wanted to do except get  ice cream.
The line for ice cream was way too long at this building,
so we left the park for good and ventured down to Wendy's so we could each enjoy a frosty.
We enjoyed a pizza dinner at Sam's parents' house with Aunt Laura,
Aunt Rosanne, Uncle Rafa, Zoey, Kevin, Becky, Owen, Wes, and Madalyn.  
Then we hung out in the perfectly shaded backyard for a bit.  
Becky started up a fun dice game that I participated in before heading home.  
I feel so lucky to belong to such a great family.
Here is Tyler bonding with his cousin, Owen: 
Fun With Cousins from Lisa Ward on Vimeo.

The sunset on the drive home was just gorgeous.

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The Child Family said...

WOW, that looks like an awesome family reunion- I had no idea you were related to Heber C Kimball, that is really cool!!!!