Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mission (Nearly)Impossible

 1) how to do ride his bike without training wheels in less than 5 minutes  

2) how to do flips on the trampoline

  But what I don't understand is how someone so athletic can't seem to get a grip on 
USING THE POTTY!  Rrrgg!  Today was a good day.  Only two accidents.  
I had to take away his sticker (that he eventually earned back.)

We have our fingers crossed that Tyler gets a hang of using the potty before summer hits.
Then he can spend more worry free time with his best neighborhood buddies.
Brianna, Abby, Jack, Tyler, Brian


M Mommy to 4 said...

I understand. My five year old is a little brainiac, but just can't seem to grasp the concept that he should stop what he's doing in order to go potty. A watch helps my little guy. He can re-set it himself and it's not ME that's telling him to go potty, so he goes without arguing. Despite the fact that he's been "going" potty for a year and a half now, we still have to set the alarm for every 40 minutes to keep him dry all day. It's a very exciting day when we get through it without an accident. Good luck with Tyler.

Monica said...

Potty Training is hard! My daughter has been slow with going #2 (she was able to ride without training wheels in five minutes too!). She has good days and bad days. Soon I am going to help my two and a half year old learn to use the potty because he has been wanting to try for the last few months! But with being big and pregnant and now having a new baby I have been waiting. Hopefully it will go well since he wants to go on the potty already!