Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Joy School - April

This morning we had preschool at our house.  As always, we had lots of fun.  We sang the "Alphabet Song."  When we got to the letter "X," we crossed our arms in an X shape in front of our faces.  The kids thought is was hilarious when I messed up (on purpose) and sang, "Q, R, X."  I told them that they were so smart and that I couldn't trick them.  After that, I put out our 5 Little Monkeys glove on and sang "4 Little Monkeys" with the class.  The  kids imitated me and held up the appropriate amount of fingers as we sang.  It was cute to see a couple of the kids struggle to hold up their little fingers.  A shape of the day was the rectangle.  I drew a rectangle for them, had them count how many sides a rectangle has, and then we went on a rectangle hunt around the house.  Brian was a great helper and tallied up how many rectangles the kids spotted.  Our craft today was to practice writing their names.  I wrote their names lightly on their papers and they traced it with tulip paint.  They did a great job with that.  I was really impressed.  After snack time, it was time for a big surprise.  The Easter Bunny somehow got into our house and left me a poem for the kids:
Easter is coming... it's on it's way.
Don't you want to come out and play?
A treasure hunt is waiting for you.
Hop like a bunny from clue to clue.
Fill your bag up with treasure.
When you're done you'll feel so much pleasure.

The Easter Bunny also left us a Treasure Map:

 The kids loved finding each number on the map.  
They got a rice filled egg shaker, an egg with 4 jelly beans inside, and the big treasure:

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