Friday, March 16, 2012

A Boy and His Ball

After school, Brian waits for us to pick him up.  The road in front of the school is super busy.  Months ago, we planned what we thought was the best meeting spot.  Turns out that the spot we chose is actually not good.

The other day, Brian was waiting on the sidewalk for us.  He was super excited about the tiny blue and yellow bouncy ball that he won at school and was playing with it.  The ball went out in the road right in front of the parked school bus into the middle of the road.   Brian darted out in front of the parked school bus to retrieve his precious ball just as a mother and her kids were turning right out of the parking lot!!!  The mom slammed on her brakes and just barely stopped in time.  Brian was ALMOST hit by a car!  I was shocked to hear this when I pulled up soon after this happened.  I'm so glad that nobody was hurt!  I'm also so thankful that a lady in our ward, the computer teacher at the school, Megan Pickett, was right there and grabbed Brian.  She was his guardian angel that day.  Whew!

 Can you spot Brian in his new safe after school meeting spot?

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Eric and Jenny said...

Oh Lisa how scary! I love Megan I swear she watches out for all of the kids in our ward, she is an angel. I am so glad he was okay, your poor heart must have just stopped when hearing that.

That once happened to me with Lance when he was about three. He was walked alongside the cart in Target parking lot while I was holding Luke and pushing the cart. I didn't realize he had stopped to pick up his candy he had dropped and a car started backing out directly behind him. I couldn't get to him fast enough holding Luke so I did the only thing I could think of and slammed the cars side window with my fist as hard as I could to stop them, thankfully they stopped. I have nightmares about it still to this day.

I bet Bryan got lots of kisses from his mommy that day huh!