Wednesday, February 22, 2012

{ Embrace the Camera } - Feb. 23 - New York Edition

In these rolling hills 
 nestled among this heavily wooded forest
lives a boy.
 This boy, Ryan, is my youngest sibling.
We are nearly 15 years apart in age.
He's taller than me now.
Ryan is amazingly smart, a talented trumpet player, and a super fun uncle to my kids.
One of Ryan's favorite places just so happens to be right in his own backyard.

I had the privilege of having Ryan show me around his "neck of the woods."
Ryan sure knows his way around.  He doesn't even need a compass.  What a stud.

 Ryan gave me the most perfect hiking stick that came in handy
for all those very steep parts of the hill we hiked.
Aww... bonding time with my bro!
We both love being out in nature.

Following the leader.
As we climbed up this hill, Ryan turned back to me and said,
"Keep going.  Don't look back until we get to the top." 
The suspense was killing me.  Finally it was time to turn around.
Wow!  What a view! 



Shell said...

what a great post! Love all the pictures and captions :)

allison barker said...

hey lisa,
thanks for stopping by sweet pictures. :)

Lindsay said...

We were just back out near your parents house this morning to take our cat to the vet and I was telling my husband about the hills and nature preserve around there. So beautiful! I'm glad you could spend time with your brother in his neck of the woods. I'm also glad I got to see you! I wish we lived closer!