Thursday, January 26, 2012

{ Embrace the Camera } - January 26th

  I'm the Art Appreciation Volunteer for Brian's first grade class.  Once a month, I teach the students about a famous artist and then we create an art project together.  I love art so this has been fun for me.  It's so great to see Brian's eyes light up when I enter the room.  The last time I was there, he exclaimed (rather loudly), "MOM!!!"  He shot his arms up in the air and gave me one of the biggest smiles ever.  I love my first grader.  It's so sweet for him to hold my hand as we walk the halls together after school to return our art supplies and walk out to the van.  He just holds my hand.  I don't even have to ask.

Brian sitting across the table from me at Subway just slurping on his orange pop.

Brian has his own Spiderman calendar in his room.  He has carefully written, "MOM ART GROCERIES" on the appropriate day each month.  After school on "Art Day," we head to grab a snack, and then continue on to do our grocery shopping.  Since this day is the only day each month that I make an exception in having a grocery shopping buddy, Brian LOVES every second.  He proudly carries the list in one hand and a pencil in the other hand.  Crossing off each item as it is located and placed in the cart, Brian asks, "Where's the bananas?"  With curiousity and a extra bounce in his step, Brian's eyes scan the produce section.  When his eyes spot them, he darts over to the banana stand with a huge grin on his face.  He carefully picks out the perfect bunch of bananas, making sure there are 8 bananas.  The excitement carries on throughout the whole shopping experience.  Without fail, each time we make it to the check out, the cashier comments on what a great helper he is with putting the bagged groceries into the cart.  I smile and say "He loves every second of this whole grocery shopping thing."  "Art Day" is a serious bonding day for us.

Besides creating art together and grocery shopping, Brian and I love our hot cocoa breaks!

This whole Embrace The Camera thing is so fun.  Join in!


Mama and her boys said...

How sweet is that?! My little bug loves going to the store with Mommy too, but that is so sweet that he marks it on his calendar.

Tanyia said...

adorable! My youngest is in 5th grade and I am having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that this kind of stuff will end for good for me soon! Enjoy it while it lasts :)

I am stopping by from the Embrace the Camera meme, would love to have you stop by when you get the chance :)

Jen | Our Happy Family said...

That is so cute!! I love how much my little boy loves doing the simple things with me too :)

Tonya said...

Love hot cocoa!!! My little guy and I have frequent hot cocoa dates!

staci said...

so sweet! :)

MellieButterfly said...

thanks for stopping by. how fun that you get to be the art day special guest. :)