Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back Tracking with Instagram Photos

Over Christmas break  
Sam played a few rounds 
of Candyland with the kids
and completed this difficult 750
piece puzzle of Bryce Canyon.
We had a pizza party at our house to 
celebrate Tyler's 4th Birthday.
Two of Tyler's favorite things he received that day were 
a birthday hug from Aunt Wawa (Laura)
and a kid sized football.
Tyler likes to help me.
Unloading the groceries from 
the van is fun for him.
 Tyler is FINALLY potty trained!
He earned his big prize... this comfy kid sized arm chair.  
The chair has his name embroidered on it.
 Brian is a very conscientious student.  
He does his homework every day after school.
 The boys LOVE making Mint Oreo ice cream
with their new ice cream maker they got 
from their NY grandparents.
 Two of Katie's favorite things are her thumb
 and these twin T-Rex dinos that move.

And just in case you were wondering, Instagram is a free App I installed on my iPhone.  
It's has some simple quick editing features and you can easily share photos with friends.  
Check it out!  Oh, and for those of you on Instagram, you can follow my feed: wardlisa.

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