Monday, December 05, 2011

Joy School - November

Here's our fun Joy School class in our kitchen. Tyler refused to hop into the class picture!

For our November class, we learned about ovals, the letter E, the number 6 and the color yellow.  So we did some random things to learn about these concepts.  We started out in the front room with the chalkboard.  We learned what the letter, number, and shape of the day looked like after drawing them on the board.  Then we sang "The Wheels on the Bus" and watched a YouTube video of "Humpty Dumpty."  We also sang "Five Little Monkeys" while using the awesome hand puppet my mom got me.  Our craft was making beaded necklaces.  We ended our class with a backyard egg hunt.  Who says you can't have an egg hunt in November. 


The Child Family said...

Yeah, Austin is having severe withdrawals without school in his life. He keeps asking when we can go to school :(

Lisa said...

Poor Austin! We miss having him in class. Maybe you guys can find/start a preschool group in your new neighborhood?!

Kristy E.B. said...

Love your quote in the post before this one by Albert Schweitzer. Exactly what I needed to read tonight. That's so exciting that Katie's in nursery now. We're counting down the days/weeks for that big event!