Monday, October 17, 2011

Family Fun

Brian is a part of the Book It program at school.  He earned a personal pan pizza for meeting his reading goal for the month of September.  Sam took Brian in to Pizza Hut to turn in his certificate.  He was so proud and ordered himself a pepperoni pizza, which he willingly shared with Tyler.  We ordered a large pizza for the rest of us, but Brian insisted on sharing.  It was fun to have a pizza picnic as a family.

Then we surprised the kids by taking them to the American West Heritage Center for some more family fun.  It was our third year attending their fall festivities.  The kids remembered this place.  
The first stop was the train.  The little train goes 3 times around the track.
 For the first time ever, one of our kids wanted to ride a pony!  Tyler loved it and was so proud of the fact that he got to ride the biggest pony and the only black(ish) colored pony. 
 Ride 'em COWBOY!
I love Tyler's shadow following him outside the gate! 

Katie needed to stretch her legs and take a drink break.

She obviously needed a nap too!

 The boys enjoyed climbing and jumping off the hay bails.
They loved the honey comb maze too.

We got lost in the corn maze.

Brian hopped the fence and ran over to the Giant Slide.  He was really excited!
The boys enjoyed the giant slide the most.

I love spending quality time with my little family.
Our kids sure know how to tucker us out!


Eric and Jenny said...

You have got some great pictures here, that first one I love!

What a fun day, I have never taken my kids there in the fall, we always go for baby animal days in the spring. I may have to do that this year.

Fun talking to you yesterday, lets meet up again next week when our girls are being naughty in sacrament!

The Child Family said...

Oh I love the book it program. We save those puppies for a few months and then get pizza's for everybody!!!!
You got some great pics at AWHC. We're heading out there on Saturday, and oh I hope the weather holds!!!!

Steph said...

What a fun place to go! We just went to a place similar place like that here last night. Such fun memories with the kids! :)