Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Toy Room Makeover

Last week, I was looking at our mess of a toy room.  The kids and their friends hardly ever played in the there.  I wondered why.  And BAM!  It hit me... they don't want to play in there because it's super messy and unorganized.  The room didn't look fun.  I dreamed up some ideas and made some of them happen overnight.  Presenting, the NEW and IMPROVED TOY ROOM!
We moved the table and chairs to this corner of the room.  (Brian does his homework at this table.)  The toys and square framed magnetic boards were already hung up.  The boys and I made some seasonal kid art to display.  My favorite part about the makeover was the only purchase that we made... the tall black bookshelf.  It fits perfectly in that little nook and just brings the room together.  The two bottom shelves are for Katie's toys.  The middle shelf is for books (don't worry, we have more books than that.  I just don't dare leave Tyler alone with books that aren't board books since he tends to destroy them.)  The next shelf up houses the piggy bank and The Friend magazines.  And the top shelf is for games, library books, and school supplies. 
Years ago, I scored the Little Tikes chalkboard/art easel for $5 at D.I.  And since the closet doesn't have a door, I found an extra shower rod we had in the garage and hung up our old denim shower curtain.  Problem solved!
And behind the curtain, I have drawers of art supplies.  I also hung up this cute and colorful clothing rack to hang up dress up clothes/Halloween costumes.  I foresee my kids loving getting dressed up in the closet, admiring themselves in the mirror I have yet to hang up, whipping back the curtain, and saying, "TaDa!  Look at me!"  And then go on and perform little shows for us.  My boys have never really been into dressing up or performing, but when/if Katie gets into dressing up, maybe my boys will enjoy it too?!  I remember putting on little shows for my parents with my slew of siblings.  It was fun and I know that my dad has the home videos to prove it.  Good times.

There's another wall in the this room lined with some bigger toys.  I need to find/create some fun things to hang up above the wall o' toys.  I think a string of colorful lights would be fun.  Hmmm.  I'll keep you posted on what I come up with.


becky ward said...

looks good lisa! nice work.

Kunde Family said...

that room sure looks like fun!