Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Little Artist!

This was Brian's first time ever painting. Painting kept him entertained for hours! I think he did an AweSoMe job. What a talented 3 year old I have! I must say that some of the most inexpensive things that we buy for our kids end up being the most fun for the $1 kite and $1 watercolor paint set. Does anyone else out there have any fun inexpensive activity ideas that their kids enjoy?!?!


Jenny Olson said...

Brian's a true artist! And it's a good "hobby" for a 3 year old, especially outside :) This was a fun video to watch and when he gets older, it'd be a fun memory to look back on.

Ali said...

I am AMAZED...honestly. I pulled Jeff from doing the dishes (ya, I never do that) so he could come look at the talented second cousin he has- holy smokes...can we get autographed copies now?? Most three year olds would not be entertained with this any longer than 15 minutes max I think! A.MAZE.ING.

becky ward said...

great work brian! owen would love to paint like that. very cool!