Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tag - Random/Weird Facts

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Lisa's Random/weird facts:

1. I had to have ice cream or a homemade thick milkshake almost every night when I was pregnant.
2. I still write to my 4 pen pals (from foreign countries) that I've had since childhood. They are from Japan, Germany, France, and Finland.
3. I have a dream of being a professional photographer. (I'm well on my way, but just can't wait for it to become reality.)
4. I can pick up mostly anything with my toes.
5. I minored in Family Studies.
6. I lost one of Brian's pet fish and still can't find him. Poor Pong:(
7. My family tells me I have the biggest frown ever :( But I rarely frown, so hardly anyone knows that fact.

People I am tagging:
Ali, Becky, Lauren, Michelle, Koreena

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