Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Grandma Hallstrom comes again!

Grandma Hallstrom came about a week and a half after Tyler was born and stayed for 10 days. She was a big help to our family. She enjoyed meeting her new grandson and playing with Brian. Some of the fun things we did while she was here was go to Kangaroo Zoo (huge inflatable toy wonderland for kids and adults to play on...complete with slides), went on a walk with our new double stroller, played at home, stay up really late talking, etc. Oh, and my mom and I were lucky enough to have a night off to attend a session at the Mount Timpanogas Temple...thanks, Sam holding down the fort! We're so glad Grandma Hallstrom could come visit and sure wish she lived closer!

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Michelle said...

A week and a half after giving birth you did all that? Wow, with Kaleb I was still hoping to get a shower at that point. You go girl!!! Sounds fun, congrats on the new little one.