Monday, March 13, 2023

Julia's Report for her 4th Grade Book Convention

 Alien Next Door #1 

Hello my name is Julia and I am going to tell you about the book the Alien Next Door #1.  Have you ever heard of it?  The main characters in the story are Zeke, Harris, and Roxy.  Zeke is an alien from the planet Tragas.  Harris and Roxy are Zeke's best friends.  The problem is that Zeke feels left out.  The soulshine is that Roxy thinks that they should have a playdate at Harris's.  You need to read this book because it is an interesting book with crazy things.  And a quick read for the 30 book challenge.  The alien does strange things because he doesn't know a lot of earth things and how to do it.  This book is different from other books because the alien is nice and in most books the aliens are not.  I hope you had a good time listening.  Thank you. 

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